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Our Services

Physical Training

Individual Sessions

Our individual sessions consist of 1-on-1 personalized training where we work with athletes to improve their techniques and fundamentals within their specific sport(s). These training sessions are truly individualized. Athletes are given pre/post assessments to isolate areas of concentration, set goals, and monitor their progress. These sessions are based on the WANTS and NEEDS of the athletes.

Fitness Class

Small Group Sessions

Small group sessions consist of approximately 3-6 athletes. During these sessions, we provide our athletes with progressive exercise programs, ensuring every athlete is being engaged and achieves their athletic goal(s). Even though these are group settings, our trainers remain vigilant in ensuring each athlete's safety, technique, and fundamentals are properly addressed.

High School Basketball Team

Team Sessions

Our team sessions focus on improving the running mechanics, speed, agility, explosiveness, and chemistry of athletic teams. Our trainers provide teams with specific drills and methods to increase a team's "game speed", giving them a greater competitive advantage.


General Policies


• All required forms MUST BE completed prior to your first training session.

• All forms expire one year from completion date or as medical history changes.

• All athletes must wear appropriate footwear and clothing to each session. TSE trainers will provide athletes and athlete’s parents/guardians with instructions if specifics footwear or clothing is required for training sessions. For examples, track and field spikes or cleats.

• Training sessions or packages MUST BE PAID FOR IN FULL before training starts. Payment Plans can be arranged, however, will require a deposit and the signing of a Credit Card (ACH) Authorization Form. Please submit all payment plan request to

Cancellation Policy


• TSE trainers must be notified of cancellation 24 hours in advance of scheduled sessions. You must receive email confirmation of cancellation from a TSE staff member. Upon receiving cancellation confirmation from an TSE staff member, athletes or parents/guardians may reschedule make-up session(s).

• If you do not appear for a scheduled appointment or fail to give 24-hour notice, that session will be counted as if you attended, e.g., no make-up session(s) will be given.

• Personal trainers will only wait 15 minutes for late arrivals and your sessions will start from the time agreed upon. Please call if you are going to be more than 5 minutes late for a session.


Refund Policy


• Personal Training sessions are non-refundable. Athletes and parents/guardians must understand that training, especially when it comes to speed, is not an overnight process. The goals is to improve athletes, speed, agility, explosiveness, and overall athletic goals. The Pre/Post assessments are evaluations of athlete's abilities and potential to help create goals.

• If you purchase session(s) and cannot finish the sessions due to health issues, you may be eligible for a refund.

• You must provide documentation from a physician to receive this refund.

• This refund is based upon the approval from Owner/Trainer Adam Thornton.

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